I’m a Yorkshireman who likes most genres of music and most makes of old car. Travel is a joy, not least overseas to escape the British winter. Travel by bicycle is bliss and if I’m not lost in music then I’m lost in a daydream about a hot day, tens of miles to cover and the promise of a great campsite and a beer. I like to think I’m always learning and becoming wiser. On the latter point then evidence is in short supply.

On this site you’ll note the Menu and topics I cover.

Travel – I write up my travels as a blog. I attempt to be kind to the natives and fellow travellers: on occasion I fail! I’ve been to a lot of places and written about them  including the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and most of Europe from Sweden to Malta (and all places in between). I subscribe to the view that understanding the world is enhanced by seeing more of it. (If you’re searching for a tour in a specific country then type the country into the search field above.)

Music – I am a music journalist for the UK’s ‘Country Music People’. This explains the selection of mainly Country and Americana new releases I publish here. However, you’ll find older album reviews that I’ve just found or treasured for many years. Music is a constant companion and life would be intolerable without several hours of it everyday.

Journal – an infrequent publication is a sort of diary. It’s whimsical and gives full rein to my sense of humour!

Tony’s View Of The World – I never try and get political on the site. You can relax but I’ve see a lot of governments, legislation, countries, trends, fads and I occasionally pull together my thoughts.

Cycle Tour Craft – this is a manual for the cycle tourer. I cover what I think are the considerations for a successful expedition – planning, maps, nutrition, camping, money management, technology etc. I know I have a lot of experience on a bicycle, in North America, Australia and Europe, to share.



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