I’m a Yorkshireman of a certain age who likes most genres of music and most makes of old car. Travel is a joy, not least overseas to escape the British winter. Travel by bicycle is bliss and if I’m not lost in music then I’m lost in a daydream about a hot day, tens of miles to cover and the promise of a great campsite and a beer. I like to think I’m always learning and becoming wiser. On the latter point then evidence is in short supply.

On this site you’ll note the Menu and topics I cover.

Travel – I write up my travels as a blog. I attempt to be kind to the natives and fellow travellers: on occasion I fail! I’ve been to a lot of places and written about them  including the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and most of Europe from Sweden to Malta (and all places in between). I subscribe to the view that understanding the world is enhanced by seeing more of it. 

Music – I am a music journalist for the UK’s ‘Country Music People’ and I also write for The Americana Music Show. This explains the selection of mainly Americana new releases. However, you’ll find older album reviews that I’ve just found or treasured for many years. Music is a constant companion and life would be intolerable without several hours of it everyday.

Journal – an infrequent publication is a sort of diary. It’s whimsical and gives full rein to my sense of humour!

Tony’s View Of The World – I never try and get political on the site. You can relax but I’ve see a lot of governments, legislation, countries, trends, fads and I occasionally pull together my thoughts.

Cycle Tour Craft – this is a manual for the cycle tourer. I cover what I think are the considerations for a successful expedition – planning, maps, nutrition, camping, money management, technology etc. I know I have a lot of experience on a bicycle, in North America, Australia and Europe, to share.