Record Of The Week #13

April 10, 2017

I Got Your Medicine – Shinyribs

The fourth release by Shinyribs of I Got Your Medicine comes with a decision of whether to buy this superb blue-eyed soul rocker or use the money on a ticket to see them live. That’s because this album creates a fierce desire to grab a beer and find your dancing shoes. I can’t help you, it’s a tough call. 

The band leader, vocalist and all round tour de force, Kevin Russell, knows how to deliver a song and if you give him brilliant female vocal backing (Sally Allen & Alice Spence), feel good horns and a tight rhythm section (that can seriously damage your back) then you have a very good time on your hands.

I seriously love the fact that you don’t have to work too hard to inhabit this superb 1970’s retro soul and rock album. It has great personality and if you’re seeking earnest provocative new music then it’s not here, but hey! I’d recommend you start your weekend and give this a spin. 

The first sign that you may start dancing in your seat is “Don’t Leave It A Lie” offering self empowerment to those who’ve been inhibited for too long. The Little Feat swagger is well evident but the later appearance of a flute and ukulele are more of a signature of this well oiled machine. “Trouble, Trouble” sees Kevin lead the band with a soulful vocal and receives a great complementary back up vocal from the ladies. Shinyribs can take the tempo down a notch (and let’s face it all dancers need a slow one to catch their breath and have a chance to smooch) and with “I Knew It All Along” tell the story of unrequited love and the realisation that she’ll never be his. “Hands On Your Hips” continues his love lorn ways with the love of his life starting to stray. These are both classic 70’s soul ballads the like of which you’d have heard before on AM frequencies in a town near you.

The Shinyribs are not averse to a cover and pick Allen Toussaint’s “A Certain Girl”. For this listener, however, it is too soon after the Country Pop nailer by Joy Lynn White of “A Certain Boy” and loses out to the novelty achieved with their coquettish background call and answer chorus but you be the judge.

Special mention must go to the band who seem more than accomplished and have the feel of Leon Russell, Tower of Power & Dr John rolled into one. That’s definitely a team you can believe in. Each track is worthy and I could have mentioned any: such are the quality of the tunes and arrangements. However, all good things come to an end and Shinyribs bring the 48 minute outing to a close with the gospel call of “The Cross Is Boss” that leaves you swaying and clapping in the aisles as the singers lead you home. Hallelujah.

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