Day 6 – LEJOG 2021 – Crewe to Reddish

37 miles & 343 metres climbed

We set off toward Knutsford. Peter lived there many years ago and wanted to visit and then weep at the gates of his former home knowing it would now have appreciated sufficiently for him to be able to buy a large yacht and qualified crew to man it.) Knutsford was and is a very up and coming place; very smart. So were the bountiful millennials on their expensive carbon bikes out for early morning rides and zipping past us.

We passed over the canal and admired how the skipper steered the barge under the bridge

Today was about riding to the Favourite Eldest Daughter’s home near Stockport to meet the family, dine royally, clean bikes and do our laundry. Peter was also attempting to rehabilitate his Garmin Sat Nav that has been behaving peculiarly.

First, however, we were aiming for Wilmslow to meet Harry, the Favourite Youngest Daughter’s partner. He was joining us for a spin to Reddish. On our other rides my fitness and lighter bikes had given me a telling advantage over him. Here, on a much heavier bike and with my legs like rhubarb Harry was considerably more lively. Later asked why he didn’t get his own back and humiliate me with the odd sprint past he kindly said he didn’t want to be unkind given my earlier days riding. He was told by Peter and me that when on a bike the chance arises to ‘kick a man when he’s down’ you should do it with alacrity!

Harry is the man in black

On reaching Reddish we were restored with sandwiches and soup and set about our various ‘rest day’ chores. I put some frozen peas to good use. I’m hoping an aching knee doesn’t dramatically hinder my future progress.

Anna had driven across the Pennines with items I wanted for the rest of the trip, they were gratefully received. Katrina and Matt’s lunch was remarkable and a few glasses of red helped us all relax. It was the youngest’s birthday next week and so, in advance a cake was presented and the candles blown, several times in fact as Peter kept relighting them!

Matt, Katrina and the Birthday Girl

It was lovely to see everyone and regrettably too soon the day was over and the serious business of getting to the north of Scotland was on our minds again.

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