Broadcasting, Brass Monkeys & The Boro – Week 3 : 2017

January 23, 2017

In what was generally a tumultuous week, which saw The Donald installed in The White House and hundreds of thousands on the street then life in York was a lot more quiet. It was a time for seeing old friends and so coffees were drunk and biscuits ate.

As a fashion icon then mistakes were made when I found myself in Lidl wearing Crocs. Despite a concession for age then the rules of engagement dictate that you are not allowed to wear them more than 100 yards from your front door. It has to be said that as opposed to attracting ridicule then I did fall into step with other footwear on display! 

However, probably not much more than 100 yards from the front door was a splendid walk with the present Mrs Ives on Sunday in a local wood – the image shows the early morning sun but regrettably not the rapidly departing deer that fled on our arrival! It was cold first thing but got colder and after this stroll I ventured out briefly on my bike returning when the temperature had fallen to -2.1° C or 28° F. A bit too much like ‘brass monkeys’ as they say round here.

As you might suspect then I spoil her and the latest indulgence involved an outing up to Middlesbrough to watch some Premiership football. (This is not my team but we enjoy watching a quality spectacle). We watched the ‘Boro lose 1-3 to the cheeky East London Cockneys – West Ham United. Andy Carroll was a class apart from the other players on show and for that he only graced the contest for 66 minutes but found time to score two goals and make numerous defensive headers. Quite a tidy stadium but being sat close to the away fans wasn’t all good as they took The Sandpipers’ 1963 hit of ‘Guantalamera’ and replaced the Cuban lyrics with the delicate refrain of ‘you’re just a town full of paedos’. Southern class.

With all things Donald in the air then I took to the airwaves to join Jonathan Cowap on the BBC Radio York morning show to add to a conversation about holidaying in the USA. I have to admit that being on the radio would have been beyond exciting a year or two back but I have done it five times now and feel like an old hand. 

For an hour I commented with a bloke from London, on the line, giving expert travel advice plus callers Jonathan invited to join the show. Dorothy from Malton got slightly tongue tied when her big moment came and couldn’t remember where she had visited… but apparently it was nice! As I departed Jonathan told me that the next hour was concentrating on American cuisine. I so love the place but umm.. good luck with that one!

On other cultural fronts then I finished Season 2 of Kevin Spacey’s House Of Cards and am working my way through Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography ‘Born To Run’.

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