Moores People Update 3

April 22, 2017

Through my last web post then a few old friends came back into view. Clare Currer (Sales Administration) seems to have maintained contact with old colleagues but after a spell out of kitchens then the lure proved too great and she is back with Roundel albeit working from home, well done for swinging that one.

Similarly it was lovely to hear from Sharron Street (Customer Care) but no information on her life today or more importantly what colour her hair is at the moment (Shazza forgive me)!

John Asty (8E17 & Installation) subscribed to the blog and is now a runner and pounding the pavements no doubt to get fit for half marathons. Look after those knees mate!

Which brings me to Simon Barlow (PD Sales Administration & Installation) who has posted on Facebook that he was about to run his 10th London Marathon. I couldn’t but be impressed. (This event is part of the Ives family workload as my youngest daughter works for adidas and will be working in t’Smoke for the event to support their sponsorship).

I think he has been as lean as this for many years but it still comes as a shock to those who knew him at Moores.

I contacted Steve Thompson (Human Resources) who I’d not been in touch with since leaving Moores. He seems chipper although not pleased to be reminded about his football team, Norwich City. Apparently he’s left them now and looking for his next career – let’s hope that falls into place quickly.

Steve Johnson (PS Sales) is still on this amazing South America tour that has already taken him to Antartica, Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador. He’s now on the Galapagos Islands along with other scaly creatures… He’s a superb photographer, entertaining blogger and his images are excellent. It may be worth a look at his blog on Wine, Dynamite and Penguins

Curry night brought together Caron Reed (PS Sales), David Cook (PS Sales), Jim Brady (PS Sales Administration, PS Sales & Installation) and Andy Parker (PS & Retail Sales). Caron is the full time mother of two little girls – four and 11 years old, which sounds too much like hard work. David keeps getting younger and spends much of the week on the golf course. Jim, as reported, is flying along with his elderly care business (it was good to meet up with someone actually working!) and Andy is now thinking of retirement at the advanced age of 55 years (!) after running and owning an IT services company that worked in secondary education.

Please let people know about this page on my website and if you have a story to tell then write in below.

Lastly… competition time. Anyone name this former colleague?

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