Record Of The Week # 78

November 4, 2019

The East Pointers – Yours To Break

This award-winning Canadian 3 piece have released 10 absorbing, self-penned songs of electric roots music. The album has Country sensibilities coupled with intense and mesmerising Celtic folk. The musicianship is to the fore with fiddle, banjo and guitars featured over drums, keys and bass. The contemporary feel is achieved by less traditional instruments such as synthesisers or a drum machine. These beats and rhythm elevate the album from ordinary to memorable.

Tim Chaisson handles the vocals and when backed by Koady Chaisson’s banjo it reminds you of early Keith Urban recordings. It’s a pleasing and emotional tenor voice that can hold a tune and when the three part harmonies arrive at the chorus they’re a wonderful complement to the melody.

 “Wintergreen” starts with a picked banjo over a brooding synthesiser before a danceable beat starts and a bright and uplifting tune takes centre stage. The message is of striving and belief in the pursuit of independence. A great start. “Elmira” is a “love letter to home” according to the band. (It’s a small settlement on Prince Edward island). Electric guitar picks a beautiful melody whilst a solid rhythmic bass backs the voice.

The five instrumentals are often at pace with driving drum or bass beats leaving the strings to soar above like birds in flight. “Power To Move” is a Celtic jig sat over persistent and captivating pulses. The fiddle gives over to banjo before some quieter introspection; the ensemble returns to create an intoxicating finale.

Country music sounds are achieved in the production: seamless arrangements, uplifting sounds and lots of Nashville polish. Fellow Canadian Gordie Sampson is the man, in the booth, playing with the sliders. Sampson now resides in Tennessee and has also written some important Country songs for Carrie Underwood (Jesus Take The Wheel), Ashley Monroe, Trisha Yearwood and Cody Johnson. His overall touch appears to have created a very accessible and commercial sound that is a delight from the first notes to the last.

This is a very pleasing discovery. If bluegrass or folk jigs, with a modern Country electric twist, tempt you then take a listen.


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