Moores People Update

January 19, 2017

I was thinking that I might post a few updates on people and Moores.

If you want to add anything then I am happy to receive information to later post. Get in touch! I know some people catch up via scouring Linkedin or Facebook. However this won’t be the distorted stuff you read on those sites. I’ve read some people’s summary of their career and felt that Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa. Bill Gates and Nelson Mandela needed to up their game to make a mark!

Also if you know anyone who would like post this then please forward the link or give me the email address.

Your intrepid explorer met with Janet Lumb in Wistow during the week. Janet who departed the Mothership sometime ago is enjoying her retirement and looks great. It seems she is ticking off the holiday islands off Africa as holiday destinations. In the garage is a beast… Barry, her husband, has invested in some heavy metal. This V8 MGB is a customised version of the British Leyland classic. Recently rebuilt and still being lovingly upgraded – it has more grunt than Jeremy Shaw.

Sad news from Acomb concerns Mark Granger’s dog. This lovely puppy was christened Memphis. Not after that ancient Egyptian town or the birth place of Aretha Franklin but the Dutch footballer acquired by Manchester United last season. This follows the history of Mark naming his  dogs after MUFC players. The other Memphis is shortly to ply his trade in France. Not all is lost as Mark reports that the dog responds to being called ‘Zlatan’.

Steve Johnson (of Public Sector Sales fame) continues his world travels with the plan to spend 3 months in Latin America. This entails taking in the culture, history and sights starting in Argentina. After touring extensively in the Far East and Turkey (in the bits nobody dares now visit).

Steve, now a resident of Wiltshire, advises that it is too late for him to learn Spanish and feels confident that his course in pointing and speaking loudly, in English, should see him through. Should you want to contribute to a fund to pay the pending ransom then I will provide details on line soon.

As I catch up with people then I discovered that leavers from Moores in 2016 were Stewart Swan, Anne Pattinson and Mark Sutcliffe. You may have known this. I understand that Anne has stopped working now. Mark was trying other things post Moores but is reflecting on Plan B. It has to be said when you end up redundant then it is often time to take time out before starting again.

Chris Morris still remains devoted to Leeds United. I think we can mention this now as the Mighty Whites appear to be exceeding all our expectations. Chris is out and about with his music and I loved the story from last year about him being in the USA when he and his pal decided to attend a Jake Bugg concert at the last minute. They bowled up without a ticket and blagged their way onto the guest list and got close to the stage tickets…. those trusting Yanks eh?

Lastly I’ll sign off with an admission. Richard Bywater, who I am sure is running the procurement activity at Moores, posts regularly photos of images of Railway Wagon labels for cargo throughout the late 20th century. (…..I thought I had problems). By way of sport I then submit song titles that align with these tickets.

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