Record Of The Week # 8

February 26, 2017

|Tony Ives

William Michael Morgan – Vinyl

Well of course I’m serious about my music but there are moments of weakness when the sommelier in me reaches for the cheap bottle of plonk and enjoys it. William Michael Morgan’s September 2016 debut release on Warner Bros, Nashville label is such a thirst quencher.

Not that the album is anything short of excellent but there is no ground breaking here and whilst the best studio talent that Nashville has has been corralled around this young man then you’d have to be suspicious that if another beautiful voice had been lined up with this set up then they would have also rattled toward of top of the Billboard charts.

So the Nashville hit machine has chucked out William Michael Morgan, a 23 year old native of Vicksburg, Mississippi who found his way north to Nashville in his teens to learn his trade. I came across his most successful hit single, “I Met A Girl”, on a round up of the 2016’s best Country singles and was immediately drawn to the rich baritone voice and the picture he paints of this girl.

With this poised and beautiful voice, so classic Country, he works with the cream of Nashville’s songwriters (he only gets one joint writing credit on the 11 tracks) and musicians to produce Vinyl. Lots of me shouldn’t like this album…. the Stetson hat, the trendy topical reference to vinyl LP’s and a song about beer. However, Warner Bros have completely nailed this launch with great songs, poignant lyrics, a faultless band and William’s voice and personality.

So what’s on heavy rotation? I love the single “I Met A Girl” along with the follow up of Missing. However, classic Country compositions about loving and losing are available in Loserville and, as Country music can often do, then topics closer to home are aired and in the gentle “I Know Who He Is” where he sings about a father with dementia and his touching love.

If you like Chris Young, George Strait, or dare I say it, Jim Reeves then queue the needle: this is one for you.

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