Moores People Update 2

March 2, 2017

It is always a delight to come across old friends and unexpectedly as I was wandering around York District Hospital, at the end of January, I came across a familiar face pushing a trolley full of drugs – Steve Mansfield (Technical). I can confirm that he hadn’t become a Walter White figure (for those who’ve watched Breaking Bad) but that he was an employee distributing pharmaceuticals around the large site. He was very well and enjoying his job as he winds down to retirement in 18 months time.

Greg Smith (Credit Control & Installation), now of the Symphony Parish, has been reliving his youth and has invested in a new motor scooter. Needless to say he got quite a bit of stick on Facebook! He may have a career in photography as well after he took this superb image.

Jim Brady (Sales Administration, Commercial, PS Sales & Installation) is looking well and is a busy boy. With his wife, Julie, he is now providing home day care for older people in Acomb, York via their business – Wetherby Home Care. Business is booming and they are working for City of York Council and other folks who sign up privately. A lot of hard work but you’d only have to turn on the news to know he’s tapped into a growing market and enjoying it!

It was delightful to hear from Jon Thelwell (Marketing Manager) who has lived in the Midlands since leaving Moores with various jobs. He’s now landed the prestigious Sales Director job at Knauf. This is a move from being a management consultant. They are major suppliers into the building industry of plasterboard and plaster products.

A long telephone conversation in February with Brian East (Commercial, Export & Builder Centre) was a pleasure. As usual Brian is so kind and positive – qualities that I spent 20 years trying to drive out of him and fortunately failed! Brian looks after Jewson’s nationwide kitchen sales and still lives up in Studley Royal but the kids have truly flown the nest and it’s just Liz and himself.

I’m prepared to bet that Steve Johnson (PS Sales) is probably the Moores employee who has gone the furthest south out of us all. He spent his 60th birthday the other day on a ship in a bay in Antartica. This is a picture of his ship amongst icebergs. If you take a look at his fabulous trip blog then you can see some immense icy beauty…. and penguins

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