Moores People Update 5

February 22, 2018

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated the Moores page, I know. I need some new things to post! Don’t be shy in passing photos or information to me.

At a public meeting held by our local MP (about our not having Superfast broadband) then Bob Redwood (Export Sales Manager) appeared! As you can see he’s looking well and a lot younger than he actually is. (I won’t name his age and spoil our new found friendship). Still residing locally he is enjoying retirement and is the Honorary Secretary of the Acomb & District Conservative Club, which if I remember the story correctly doesn’t automatically pay anything into the Tory coffers! He’s knocking about on Facebook and so look him up.

I still meet up with Mark Sutcliffe (Financial Accountant) and Jim Brady (Sales Administration, PS Sales & Installation) and we’ve been to see some Canadian Americana and Colorado Bluegrass. The latter in the banjo capital of Western Europe – Selby. Mark knows everything about vinyl records and probably more. If there’s something that you want to replace or get hold of then he is the man, I can put you in touch. Steve Jessney (Group Design Manager) invited me to his radio station (Vixen 101) in Market Weighton where I got a request played and I saw inside the workings of a studio.

More serious are the Pension Trustee meetings I attend with Philip Turnpenny (HR Director). I think all the members of the Scheme should now know what came to pass with Masco’s departure from Moores and no one is relaxing but it is business as usual for the Scheme at the moment.

On a visit to a farm to buy some bathroom fittings I met Tracey Wilson (Credit Control), it was very strange to go into the office and be greeted by a “Hello, Mr Ives”. Tracey, I recollect, was Mike Parkin’s right hand woman until shortly after Mike’s passing.  She now handles the administration and accounts for Wharfe Valley who have a bathroom and stoves studio but their main business is the growing and the production of rape seed oil!

Mark Granger (Installation Director) sent me this photo sometime ago of himself, Paul Carse (Purchasing Manager), Brian East (PD Sales Administration & Export Sales Manager) and a chap I never met called Simon Pacey (PD Sales Administration). They’d met up no doubt to revisit Brian East’s goalkeeping exploits in 1984. Thanks for the submission, you all look well.

It was super to meet up with the former directors – Peter Thorndyke(Finance), David Cook (PS Sales) and Richard Bown (Production). It was one of those meals that when you looked at your watch and three hours had passed. Everyone is well and planning their holidays, golf or down sizing. We’ll need to meet again as there is a lot left to cover off in the next ‘Board’ meeting.

Other dining included meeting up with Sharron Street (Customer Care) and Jim Brady to mainly listen to Sharron who floored us with a story about a group outdoor activity, at night, in a farmer’s field in November, which reassuringly included alcohol. 

Mentioned in despatches are various folk I turn to for help reasserting that phrase ‘that a friend in need, is a pain in the arse’. These include Tim Mandle (PD Sales Administration & Installation) for a fitter, Niall McTurk (Technical) about damp proofing contractors and Richard Bywater (Purchasing) about hinges and other advice. Which begs the question which other former employer and reader is a Shrewsbury Town fan?



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