Records Of The Year 2019

The editor of Country Music People asked for my ‘end of year’ list and I submitted my choices reluctantly. He was surprised as his other contributors enjoy the task. The problem for me is that I seldom have the time to really ‘live with’ an album as I did as a boy. In this way you start to have it penetrate your conscious and a true affection grows. This year I’ve worked my way through 450 albums. Of these then I’ve bought a number myself (out of the 74 then most are from charity shops: it’s a cheap way to hear an artist that you wouldn’t ordinarily bother with).

My selection is quite eclectic although I’m uncertain about what is Rock anymore, it seems to be very old artists on money spinning tours. If you do hear a new album then it is a parody of something earlier and better. The New Musical Express top 50 was a mystery. Lots of artists that I’ve never heard of. I think the majority of their audience are seldom listening to a full album. They stream tracks, which can be compilations, extracts, singles etc. I think that the bulk of new music is absorbed this way by those under 30 years old.

Here we go…

  1.  Erin Enderlin/ ‘Faulkner Country’/ Country
  2. Ten Years After/’The Cap Ferret Sessions’/Rock
  3. Morrissey/’California Son’/ Rock
  4. Irene Kelley/’Benny’s TV Repair Shop’/ Country
  5. Christone ‘Kingfish’ Ingram/ ‘Kingfish’/ Blues
  6. Rodney Crowell/ ‘Texas’/ Americana
  7. Daniel Norgren/ “Wooh Dang’/ Americana
  8. Micky & The Motorcars/ ‘Long Time Comin’/ Country
  9. Hannah James & The JigDoll Ensemble/ ‘The Woman & her Words’ / Folk
  10. Chad Richard/ ‘Worthy Cause’/ Country

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